Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some pictures :)

Our first ultrasound picture. She looked like a little bean :)

This picture said it all. After I saw this "hitch hiker thumb" I knew she was going to be a little person for sure.

This is me with my biggo belly.

&& Just about ready to pOp!

The first time I got to hold her :)

Lola and her dada

Just the tiniest little tiny...

A grumpster already!?

Lola and grandpa

1st Thanksgiving

Cousins :)


  1. Hi Melissa! I saw that you are a follower on my blog! I am so happy you decided to follow Lyla's journey. Let me first say that Lola is GORGEOUS! OMG! I fell in love with her when I saw the pic of her in the sink, in the pink chair, taking a bath! I wanted to squeeze her! She is an ANGEL! Those pink toe nails are to die for! Just like Lola, Lyla just turned one! Our daughters are a few weeks apart! Let me know if I can assist you in any way. I wasn't sure if u are new to the blogging world! I joined the LPA. Are you guys members? I can also email you other blogs of kids with diastrophic dysplasia. Let me know!

    Leslie :)

  2. AH I'm so glad that you found my blog!! Lola is less than one month younger than Maddy - and she is SO ADORABLE! I want to hug her!! Anyway PLEASE email me if you can - nicolejoy81(at) - there is a facebook DD support group that you must join if you haven't already!! Would love to hear more about little Lola!! xox


  3. Hi Melissa!!! We're so glad to see Lola. She's so cute!!! As Nicole said, there is a facebook DD support group where you can interact with other parents and friends with DD.
    Hugs from your Brazilian friends,
    Guilherme, Andréia & Cassiano.